Case Studies

Clients are at the heart of everything we do.  We wanted you to hear from them directly:

I have been using the services of Newhaven for the past ten years and have the following points to make in relation to the service they provide:

They are independent. The importance of this cannot be stressed enough. Unlike banks they have no product to push. They can suggest and use the appropriate advisors, best in class, for the project in hand. They are not forced to use internal advisors. They can get rid of advisors and other service providers if they are not preforming to an agreed level of service. There are no mixed services i.e. they are not a one-stop shop, however they provide central point of contact.

They will take into account a Settlor’s wishes but keep their own council.  They are approachable, friendly and at the same time efficient with good turn around times.

They have, with other advisors, produced a Trust and Company structure, which I believe will protect my assets for the foreseeable future.  Their costs are reasonable and proportional to and relevant to the project in hand. I have never seen it necessary to request a time sheet.