We provide trust and company administration services from offices in key locations around the world

Our clients choose us because we provide excellent service and because we are not trying to be ‘all things to all people’. We can recommend and work alongside the best possible advisors for the unique needs of each family and their wealth.

We have deep expertise in undertaking the fiduciary role for all manner of assets from the most simple to the most complex.

Change is endemic - the life journey of the beneficiaries, the macro-economic environment and the regulatory requirements are just a few areas that demand a proactive, highly engaged, trust service provision. We make certain that we are as informed as possible about upcoming changes and proactive in protecting the interests of our clients. Although we employ the expertise of professional advisors to design structures for our clients our people have extensive expertise and ensure that these structures are monitored so that they remain current and continue to meet the needs of the family.

Our approach is collaborative, whether we are interacting with our clients, team members in other locations or other trusted advisors.