Company Administration

Professional Corporate Service Provision

Clients approach us to incorporate a company for various reasons, sometimes as part of a larger private client structure, for entrepreneurial initiatives or when undertaking corporate restructuring.  Our global reach allows for the efficient incorporation of companies, from simple holding structures to complex trading entities in onshore and offshore jurisdictions, not limited to the locations of our offices. We have expertise in servicing financial and other professional intermediaries as well as our fiduciary clients.

We provide complete corporate administration services, which usually involves establishing a structure with company directors and secretary, shareholders, a registered office, and meeting all statutory compliance requirements.  We can also assist with changing any of these officers, the company statutory documents and filing the necessary documents with the relevant jurisdiction authorities. Newhaven Global is also experienced in the winding up of companies and the appointment of a liquidator. The type of winding up will depend on the circumstances - a company can be wound up voluntarily or compulsorily.  We can assist clients to legally reinstate a lapsed or liquidated company. 

We can provide corporate and personal directors to ensure a company has genuine substance in the jurisdiction where it is tax resident and ensure that client’s requirements are achieved.  Our team can provide qualified company secretaries who work closely with the management team to gain an in- depth understanding of the business to ensure strong corporate governance. We can administer and manage the client company’s activities and its assets which involves liaising with the client and dealing their requests, the preparation of payments, loan documents, board minutes, letters, invoices and the review of legal documentation.

Using our offices globally we have the expertise to satisfy complex cross border legalisation procedure requirements on a variety of original documents that require legalisation for their use in the required jurisdiction.  Where the company law in both inbound and outbound countries permits re-domiciliation, Newhaven Global has the expertise to assist clients with the migration of a company from one jurisdiction to another.

If this is of interest to you, please do get in touch and a member of our team will be happy to help.