An alternative to trusts...

Foundations originated under civil law and have since become a popular vehicle in civil law jurisdictions where the Anglo Saxon concept of trusts is less well known.  Due to their popularity, Foundations can now be incorporated in common-law jurisdictions, such as Guernsey, providing clients with the opportunity to establish a structure that is governed under common law. 

Foundations are an ideal alternative for the client who wishes to retain more control over the assets held than would be appropriate for a trust. The client can be a member of the Foundation Council which comprises the decision-makers. The founder can also appoint a Guardian whose role is to oversee the actions of the Foundation Council.

Foundations can be used for succession planning or asset protection and can own an array of different assets, providing confidentiality and flexibility according to the client’s needs. 

Newhaven Global can assist with the establishment of a Foundation, provide the Foundation Council and administration services for either a common or civil law Foundation.

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